Land Registration Process In Bangladesh | 8 Steps to Registering Your Land

Land Registration Process In Bangladesh described in the video. Watch the video to find out about the important steps to Land Registration Process.

Purchasing land is a difficult decision. Many variables must be addressed when purchasing land, and legal aspects are especially important when property ownership is being transferred.
  1. Confirm the Record of Rights from the Land Office of Ministry of Land
  2. Conduct a mutation of property
  3. Obtain inspection for RS mutation
  4. Obtain the Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) from the sub-registry office
  5. Prepare deed of transfer and pay stamp duty
  6. Pay necessary taxes, fees, and VAT at a designated bank
  7. Apply for registration at the sub-registry
  8. Register the change in ownership at the Land Revenue Office

Land Registration Process in Bangladesh described in the video.

When a piece of land is sold, the buyer or their representative must register it in the name of the new owner. It is one of the initial legal steps that must be taken.
While the land registration process in Bangladesh may appear intimidating and difficult from a distance, it follows a precise method that is simple to follow once you understand how it works.
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