Best Tips for Interior Paint Colors 2023


Starting with the colors you like is the simplest approach to determine the greatest interior paint colors. You are not restricted by typical color schemes for a certain decorating style when you start with the colors you prefer. You can design a color scheme around your favorite color by using it as the basis color. Your preferred colors might serve as the perfect inspiration for a new color scheme for your entire home.

Here’s how to find out what your favorite color means and how you can decorate with it.

Find Paint Color Inspiration

Decorating inspiration has always come from magazines and catalogs. On the internet, you can find thousands of pages of inspiration. Retailer websites with room vignettes can be inspiring, and paint brands can teach you how to apply color in your house. Pinterest and Instagram, for example, provide color inspiration that is updated in real time. Pinterest is excellent for building inspiration boards for your favorite ideas, allowing you to keep all of your ideas in one place.

color inspiration
 The Spruce / Jesi Lee

Use Color Theory to Create a Color Scheme

You don’t have to be an expert in color theory to obtain fantastic ideas from a small color wheel. These low-cost color tools can instantly produce color scheme ideas. With a simple spin of the wheel, you can observe how colors may connect to one another and learn the fundamentals of color theory. While you are unlikely to paint your home in the exact colors shown on the wheel, you can select variations of those colors at your local paint store.

It’s easy to use a color wheel to create a color scheme once you learn a few easy concepts.

using the color wheel to choose an interior paint color
 The Spruce / Jesi Lee

Get Creative With Neutral Paint Colors

Just because you pick neutral paint colors doesn’t imply they have to be uncomplicated. You may jazz up your neutral color pallet by becoming creative with how you employ the hues. A striped wall in neutral colors gives loads of style while remaining calm. A neutral wall color with a pastel ceiling is a subtle approach to add color without compromising the space’s relaxing atmosphere.

Pull Your Paint Color From a Print

Starting with a print cloth is one of the simplest ways to choose interior paint colors. Paint color inspiration can come from throw cushions, bedding, and even table linens. If you’re making an accent wall, use the print’s brightest colors. Look at the color in the fine details of your print fabric if you want to choose a more subtle paint color or for a wider space. Bring a fabric swatch with you to the paint store so you can select paint strips to view at home.

matching paint to fabric
 The Spruce / Jesi Lee

Look Outside for Ideas

Bringing the outside in is a frequent color scheme influence. Exterior-inspired color palettes are designed to be calm and pleasant, whether you choose leafy green or the laid-back blues of the beach. To receive the most realistic perspective of your prospective selections, sample your favorite paint colors at all times of day and night, with the window treatments closed and open.

Green walls in a dining room/office space
 Zia Soleil / Iconica / Getty Images

Find Your Paint Color in Artwork

The secret of an interior designer is to choose colors from artwork in your home. Most artists are color and light masters, designing color schemes for their pieces. You might profit from their expertise by selecting colors from a beloved work of art. You may also build a color scheme by selecting complementary colors from the same work of art.

Living room with brown furniture, neutral walls, and two abstract paintings
 Spaces Images / Getty Images

Look to Historical Color Inspiration

You don’t have to decorate in a Craftsman style just because you like Craftsman color palettes. Many of the paint industry’s leaders provide historical paint hues. Use these collections as inspiration for your own decorating style.

Damask Yellow by Benjamin Moore is a rich and warm wall hue that would complement a range of decorating styles, including Craftsman and mid-century contemporary.

Look to Historical Color Inspiration
  Benjamin Moore

Try a Lighter or Darker Shade

Sometimes all it takes is a minor tweak to find the perfect interior paint color. Consider a lighter or darker shade of the same hue before abandoning your paint color choice. Many paint colors appear in gradual shades on a paint strip, but you can also ask the paint dealer to modify it by percentages of bright or dark shades.

This wall features Sherwin-Williams Muddled Basil.

Dark grey walls with green chairs in a sitting room

How to Use Undertones to Find Your Perfect Paint Colors

When selecting interior paint colors, you may be unpleasantly startled by the undertones. Undertones are the colors that lay beneath your favorite paint color. If it has a strong green undertone, a simple beige may not be that simple. Only by sampling the color can you accurately predict how an undertone will appear in your home. Due to reflection, undertones from other surfaces in your room might also modify the appearance of your paint, so sampling is vital.

Make sure you know how undertones work and why it matters when you’re choosing interior paint colors.

How to Use Undertones to Find Your Perfect Paint Colors

Do Your Homework Before Shopping

The process of selecting the perfect interior paint color begins at home.acquire ideas from catalogs, periodicals, and fabric swatches before heading to the paint store to acquire paper samples. This will prevent you from buying too many paint colors on your first trip to the store. The most difficult aspect of selecting a paint color at first is having too many selections.

Once you narrow down your paint color choices, return to the store for paint color samples to try at home. This step is crucial to finding the perfect color.

Bedroom interior. 3d illustration
 Stockernumber2 / Getty Images

Sample Your Paint Colors Before Committing

This is a basic guideline that should never be broken. Always test any paint color you’re thinking about using. You have to get the color correct the first time when you’re committing gallons of paint and hours to your project. You should not skip this step. There are stacks of cans of returned paint in the rear of the paint store from folks who did not take the time to sample first. Be not one of them. Make careful to calculate how much paint you’ll need as well, so you don’t waste any.

Remember, sampling paint colors is the most important step in finding the right colors for your home.​

testing out paint swatches
 The Spruce / Jesi Lee

How to Flow Color Throughout Your Home

If you’re decorating a tiny house, a consistent color scheme throughout the rooms might provide the sense of a larger area. Flowing paint color throughout your home can also help to create a soothing atmosphere. The most stunning approach to use flowing color is to select a neutral paint color that will serve as your home’s characteristic hue. Each room can have its own accent colors, or the same accent colors might be used in various amounts in each space. Keep the flooring consistent from room to room, and think about using molding to tie everything together.

View from living room into kitchen
 Astronaut Images / Getty Images

Use a Color Consultant

If you want to change your color scheme but aren’t sure what interior paint colors to use, a color consultant can help. A color consultant can provide you paint color samples or create a bespoke color palette for your home.

Gather ideas and inspiration before meeting with your color consultant so they can see what you have in mind. Request that your expert come by at a specific time to see the issues that natural lighting poses for your location. Don’t be surprised if your color consultant suggests changing the lighting in the room to remedy color issues.​​​

North London Victorian conversion
 Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

Paint Color Apps Can Make Choosing Paint Color Easier

Using a phone or tablet app to select a paint color might make the process easier.Paint color apps have evolved and improved since their initial release, so you might want to try them again if you’ve tried one before and it didn’t work for you.

The most popular paint color applications allow you to match a color you see anywhere, as long as the camera on your phone or tablet can interpret it. Though it may not be an exact match, some applications might recommend colors that are comparable.The top apps will also provide color palettes based on your color, as well as opportunities to share your palettes with others on social media. Look for additional tools such as paint buying suggestions and basic DIY videos.

Blue bathroom

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