Shantinagar and Siddeshwari Area Guide

About Shantinagar and Siddeshwari Area Guide:

Shantinagar and Siddeshwari Area Guide will give a brief idea about the area. Imagine a neighborhood where the streets are bright and alive with the sound of animated schoolchildren laughing. a hub of culture where youth socialize and interact. With calm interior lanes offering a serene residence for anyone seeking to unwind following a demanding workday. and opulent, dazzling malls paired with extremely tall residential buildings. Everything you might possibly need, conveniently located in one location. Greetings from Shantinagar & Shiddheswari, a neighborhood that caters to all tastes.

There is a strong demand for real estate in Shantinagar & Shiddheshwari, an upmarket neighborhood with a long history, due to its reputation. We will go deep into this vibrant district of Dhaka in today’s area guide, which is renowned for its food, culture, and overall atmosphere—all the qualities that make the place so appealing.


One of Dhaka’s older areas is Shantinagar & Shiddheswari, where construction began in the 1950s. It developed into one of the most sought-after residential areas in Dhaka, with room for more expansion. Property values in the region saw a surge as a result, with Shantinagar seeing a 127% increase in value between 2000 and 2010. Although there is a great demand for real estate these days, there are very few homes that are available.

Thus, the cost of flats for sale in Shantinagar and Shiddheswari can be high. Baily Road saw the opening of numerous trendy restaurants in the 1990s, sparking a thriving food culture in the area. This gives the neighborhood a more youthful feel, as do the several schools nearby. While the main roadways like Baily Road have a bustling and colorful ambiance, the inner residential districts and alleyways are often serene and ideal for residential living.


Due to the area’s reputation as an elite residential neighborhood with well-established systems and infrastructure, real estate there has long been in great demand. This is applicable to both home and commercial spaces. The area was recognized for being a tranquil, residential community with excellent schools and thoughtful design when development there began in the 1950s. However, Baily Road’s restaurant scene saw a boom in the 1990s. This led to the neighborhood’s transformation into a magnet for culture, with Bailey Road seeing the emergence of several restaurants and commercial centers. Baily Road is home to almost all of the major companies’ stores.

Additionally, there are a disproportionately large number of residential high-rise apartment complexes in the neighborhood. The huge apartment buildings that tower over the rest of the neighborhood are the most obvious examples of this along Shantinagar and Rajarbag’s main highways. Nearby, at the Kakrail Intersection, lies the tallest residential structure in Dhaka, the Judges Complex.


Some of Dhaka’s most interconnected neighborhoods are those that surround Shantinagar and Shiddheswari. Traveling to and from these locations is quite convenient thanks to its excellent access to mass transit and central location within the city. The Moghbazar Road, which connects the neighborhood’s residents to the Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyover, is located in the west, Baily Road lies in the center, and Outer Circular Road lies to the north and east. The locals may easily visit a variety of locations, including as Tejgaon, Malibagh, Kawran Bazar, and Banglamotor, thanks to this flyover.

Numerous buses run on various routes to various sections of the city, such as Mohammadpur, Motijheel, Uttara, Bashundhara, etc., from Moghbazar Road and the Outer Circular Road. Riding a rickshaw is still the most common way to get around Shantinagar and Shiddheswari’s various neighborhoods. Other modes of transportation are CNGs and rideshare apps.


The quantity of schools in the area is one of its most obvious features. The top girls’ school in Dhaka, Viqarunnisa Noon School & College, has its main campus on Baily Road. Shiddheswari Girls School And College is the other prominent institution in the region. Nearby Kakrail is also home to Willes Little Flower School, one of the nation’s first English-medium schools. Additionally, Kid’s Tutorial can be found on Circuit House Road. Two universities are also located close to Shantinagar and Shiddheswari: Habibullah Bahar University College and the Shiddheswari Campus of Stamford University.


There are several significant healthcare facilities in the region that offer top-notch medical services. In Shiddheswari, there is a hospital called Monowara Hospital that is well-known for offering moms and kids high-quality care. The specialty of Bangladesh Eye Hospital is treating and caring for eyes. Shantinagar is home to a branch of the well-known hospital chain, Popular Diagnostic Center. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) also operates Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital in neighboring Eskaton.


Ramna Park, the biggest park in Dhaka, was created in 1949. The Nawabs of Bengal had previously turned most of the land into a lovely garden and zoo, so the park already had solid foundations. The park is a vast 68.5 acres in size, with an enormous lake spanning 8.76 acres. Every day, people from the surrounding communities jog, work out, and mingle at the park. Notable occasions are also held in the park, such as the Pahela Boishakh celebration at Ramna Batamul, which is coordinated by Chhayanaut.

Baily Road boasts a lively theater culture, with many plays and other theatrical acts held in the auditoriums of the Bangladesh Mahila Samity Auditorium and the Bangladesh Girl Guides Association. In 2005, the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) formally renamed Baily Road as Natok Sarani, or Theatre Street, in remembrance of its significant contribution to the advancement of theater in Dhaka.


In Shantinagar and Shiddheswari, people of many religions coexist, and places of prayer and devotion are easily accessible. There are a lot of mosques in the neighborhood for Muslim citizens. The Kali Mandir in Shiddheswari is open to Hindu locals. Christians who wish to visit the Kakrail Church nearby can do so.


There are a lot of vibrant neighborhoods all around Shantinagar and Shiddheswari, each with its own distinct personality. To the north lies Moghbazar, which is home to a large number of offices. To the west is Eskaton, which is primarily made up of government buildings. Important government buildings, like as the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) headquarters, are located in Ramna. Northeastern Shantibag is primarily a residential neighborhood.

Shegunbagicha, one of the wealthiest residential areas on this side of Dhaka, is located in the southeast part of the region. Paltan is to the south and has many markets selling various commodities as well as a few government offices. Slightly further southeast is Motijheel, the oldest financial area in the nation.


Baily Road is the area’s culinary epicenter. Baily Road is one of the most well-liked hangouts for young people in Dhaka since it was one of the city’s earliest culinary and dining destinations. Many millennials associate it with nostalgia, having spent a large portion of their teens hanging around in this region. Over time, the neighborhood has undergone significant transformation, with an increasing number of contemporary structures taking the place of the quaint-looking homes. There are lots of restaurants there, just like in Banani, Khilgaon, and Dhanmondi.

One enduring fixture of the Baily Road culinary scene has endured amongst all of this change: Swiss Bakery. One of the first of its kind, the bakery still serves excellent meals and serves some of the most delicious pastries. In addition, Shiddheswari has a thriving street food culture that centers on the two main local institutions, Shiddhewari Girls High School and Viqarunnisa Noon School and College. There are many different types of street cuisine available here, ranging from fuchka to chaap.


When it comes to shopping, residents in Shiddheswari and Shantinagar have many possibilities. There are a lot of super stores in the region that offer foodstuffs, including an Agora outlet in Shantinagar. Additionally, Shantinagar Bazaar has fresh fruit and groceries. Large shopping malls abound in the neighborhood as well, such as Capital Siraj Centre, Baily Star, Concord Twin Tower, and Karnaphuli Garden City Shopping Complex. Eastern Plus is the best place to go in Shantinagar for tech and computer needs. One of Bangladesh’s most well-known book stores, PBS in Shantinagar, is a must-visit for readers who live in and near the neighborhood.

Finally, it would be impossible to discuss shopping in the region without bringing up Anarkali Market, which is like a smaller version of New Market in terms of the variety of goods it offers.

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