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gulshan 2 area guide


The bustling intersection of Gulshan 2 is split into two halves by a sizable roundabout that links it to Banani and Baridhara. It is similar to the surrounding Gulshan 1 and Banani regions in that there are several restaurants, stores, and companies there. There are many various types of businesses on the south side of this zone, ranging from flower shops to bank headquarters.

Gulshan 2’s northern side is a stunning area with thoughtful planning. But what really impresses out is how many embassies are present. This made it necessary for the area to be quite secure, and if you can afford it, it’s a terrific place to live.



A developing community exists here, despite the fact that it is better recognized for its commercial component and its numerous embassies. Due in large part to its security, accessibility to the almost endless list of resources in the neighborhood, and proximity to other significant places, housing here is among the most sought-after. This area includes a lot of parks and jogging trails that the locals can use to create a more welcoming atmosphere for both kids and adults.


Properties in Gulshan Area

Gulshan was originally intended to be a residential neighborhood, but time changed that, and today it serves as a commercial hub for both large and small businesses, as well as embassies. Particularly this area is highly renowned for its restaurants, shops like Pink City and Unimart, and offices for numerous companies. The wide range of properties here allows for such a wide range of occupants.

But that hasn’t stopped people from settling here. Beautiful houses may be found in abundance throughout the areas inner lanes.


Transportation in Gulshan – Dhaka Chaka

The exclusive Dhaka Chaka service connects Gulshan 2 to Gulshan 1. The Gulshan Chaka service will connect Banani Kakoli to Badda’s Notun Bazaar, extending the reach of direct communication. Rickshaws are the most common means of transportation on the area’s back roads. Moving great distances, on the other hand, is heavily reliant on private vehicles, ride-sharing services, or smaller public transportation choices like CNGs.


To accommodate the children of the budding societies fortunate enough to have homes here and in nearby areas, This locality has a wide range of schools and educational institutions. From Scholastica School Gulshan to Manarat Dhaka International School and College, education for everyone is made easily accessible so no child falls behind.


Gulshan 2 Medical
United Hospital

There are many clinics and medical centers around the area to cater to the needs of everyone here. Alongside them, two major names and spots that should be remembered are LabAid and United Hospital. These are two of the most renowned hospitals in the country and are evenly spaced apart to cover both the northern and southern halves of this amazing neighborhood.


This serene zone was well prepared in every detail. There is specified space for enterprises, ample room for residential property, and recreation has been considered. Gulshan Health Club, Gulshan Lake Park, and Gulshan Youth Club (GYC) are just a few of the venues in the region where you may play, exercise, or simply relax. GYC is the most well-known recreational facility in the area. The field, basketball court, and running track are open to the public, with a tennis court reserved for club members. However, it is not the only club in the area.


With all of the embassies and foreign delegations in the area, venues like the Nordic Club, Dutch Club, and International Club Dhaka may be found.


Gulshan 2 Religion
Gulshan Central Mosque

This sphere of Dhaka requires equally large mosques to accommodate the devout. To the north is the Gulshan Society Jame Masjid nestled on the corner of a beautiful lake and park. To the south, and the larger of the two mosques, is the renowned Gulshan Central Masjid (Azad Masjid) considered by many to be the most beautiful mosque in the country with its uniquely architecture pillars and grand empty space.


Gulshan 2 Nearby Areas
Nearby Areas in Gulshan

This sector shares a major road with always-busy Gulshan 1. The huge roundabout that separates Gulshan into two parts also connects it to Baridhara in the east and Banani to the west. All these direct connections to some of the most influential places in Dhaka give Gulshan great value in terms of business and residential facilities.


Gulshan Rooftop Restaurants

This community space is no stranger to delicious and diverse cuisine. Everything from Japanese to Mexican cuisine is available here. Prego in the Westin, Sausly’s, Peyala, Cuppa Coffee, IZUMI, Courtyard Bazaar, and El Toro Mexican among the most popular restaurants. Butlers Chocolate CafĂ© or Movenpick are two options for dessert. GPR, which stands for Gulshan Plaza Restora, is another popular nightlife destination. It’s a popular spot for late-night gatherings.

Chef’s Table on top of Unimart is also an excellent spot to eat if you want to try a variety of foods. Although almost all of the seating in the food court is indoors, there is some outdoor seating with a great view.


Rennaisance Hotel

As one would anticipate in a busy area like this, there are numerous places and ways to live. There are hotels with unrivaled services, such as the massive Westin Dhaka, as well as Six Seasons, Long Beach Suites Dhaka, Lakeshore Hotel Gulshan, and Amari. However, there are a few guest houses, such as Green House Guest House, that can accommodate more personalized stays or stays for longer periods of time.


Pink City Gulshan Shopping Complex

Gulshan 2 is a diversified location with a wide range of shopping options. You can do your morning shopping at a wet market and spend your evening at Pink City looking at fashion labels. If you need to do a lot of foreign grocery shopping, Unimart might be the place for you. DCC Market was a popular shopping destination before it was destroyed by fire. It is now open for business on the ground floor and is expected to be fully operational within a few years. This bustling area offers an answer for every shopping requirement.

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