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In this Mohammadpur Area Guide, you can learn about Dhaka’s first planned residential neighborhood, since it was built in 1954. Because of the area’s comprehensive planning, residents may expect the highest level of comfort and convenience.

It is therefore one of the few places in Dhaka city that is exempt from the usual waterlogging that many other places endure. The Tajmahal Road, Humayun Road, and Babar Road, among others, are named after famous people and landmarks in Mohammadpur, giving the city an unmatched appeal.

The region features a lot of famous schools, universities, healthcare facilities, and historical sites inside its limits to go along with and enhance that appeal. All of this has contributed to Mohammadpur’s continued popularity among Dhaka’s citizens and businesses.

Mohammadpur Post Code: 1207.

Mohammadpur Sub Post Office Address: 34/A Rd No. 2, Dhaka

Mohammadpur Police Station:

Address: Block#E, Mohammadia Housing Easted, Sat Mosjid Road, Dhaka.
Duty Officer: Ext: 100
DMP: 27750
T&T: +88-02-9119943
Cell: +8801199883742

Inspector Investigation Cell: +8801769690247

Officers In charge:
DMP: 27749
Cell: +8801713373182
Fax: +88-02-9136669


Plot No: 698/4, Road No: 1, Bosila Rd, Dhaka 1207.


Japan Garden City - Mohammadpur Area Guide
Japan Garden City – Mohammadpur Area Guide


People are constantly looking to acquire flats here as it has historically been an excellent place for upper-middle-class and middle-class families to settle down. There are many generations of people living here, as befits a region with so much history.

The “old charm” is still evident among the homes there, even if many of the older structures have been converted into contemporary apartment buildings.

The people of here have a strong sense of community since many of them have formed organizations like the Mohammadia Housing Society to work for the good of the neighborhood. For those who want them, this area also offers various gated neighborhoods.

This area has recently grown to include Bosila and a few additional localities, which are now well-liked by individuals looking for more cheap accommodation.

Although this zone has always been a thriving town, the development of flats has given the area’s urban landscape a fresh feel and appearance. People started to invest in apartment-style homes at the time, which led to the establishment of several large residential apartment complexes, including Japan Garden City, one of Bangladesh’s largest apartment buildings.

Apartments here may be found at Baitul Aman Housing Society, Kaderabad Housing, and Chad Miah Housing, which all offer fantastic living alternatives. Also, there has been a recent increase in business and residential-commercial properties in the region.

Due to the availability of properties, its close proximity to Dhanmondi, its excellent connection system, and the relative affordability of the options, it has become particularly attractive among startups. This amazing neighborhood, however, is still primarily a residential neighborhood within the city.



Residents of this zone benefit from a fantastic network of roads and transportation because the infrastructure was expertly planned, and there are a ton of both public and private vehicles. Many public buses arrive and depart from the Mohammadpur Bus Stop on their way to practically every part of Dhaka and beyond.

Also, there are rickshaws and other smaller vehicles that can rapidly navigate the region to get passengers to their desired locations. As a prominent intersection in the neighborhood, the Tajmahal Road in particular experiences heavy traffic throughout the day.

Another hub for public transportation and a historical site is the historic Asad Gate, which features a bus station. For intercity travel, Residents can also take advantage of the nearby Gabtoli Bus Terminal.


Mohammadpur Preparatory School & College – Collected

Some of Dhaka’s oldest and most esteemed colleges and schools are located in Mohammadpur. To get their children into schools like Mohammadpur Government High School, Mohammadpur Government College, St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, and Dhaka Residential Model College, parents concerned about their kids’ educations have to fight hard. Also, there are numerous Madrasa, or religious schools, and educational facilities for kids with special needs in the neighborhood.

All of these schools in the Mohammadpur region provide excellent education and a bright future for the kids, in addition to a multitude of others that are conveniently placed in Dhanmondi nearby.

Mohammadpur Weather:

The weather ranges from 27 degrees to 38 degrees.

Mohammadpur Population:

According to the population ranges from 3.5 Lakhs to 4 Lakh people.


This sector features a multitude of good to excellent healthcare facilities despite being primarily a residential region. These clinics can deal with psychological illnesses, fertility-related problems, and conditions ranging from general to specialist.

The Care Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka General & Orthopedic Hospital, and Trauma Center stand out among the medical facilities for their top-notch medical care. Locals love the Al-Markazul Islami Hospital as well.

The hospital is especially well-liked for washing and preparing deceased people for the Islamic funeral procession. Access to all the top hospitals and healthcare facilities in the region is also made simple by Dhanmondi’s close vicinity.


Although the central Sat Masjid Road is situated in the Dhanmondi region, the renowned Seven Domed Mosque (Sat Gombuj Masjid) can be found in this areas ancient streets. The mosque still holds daily prayers today despite being built in the Mughal architectural style by Shaista Khan in the 17th century. Mohammadpur is home to a number of mosques, as well as a number of surrounding mosques, as well as a number of nearby temples. For religious citizens who don’t mind a short commute to pray, this place can be a fantastic area to live.

Sat Gambuj Mosque

The Seven-Domed Mosque is this areas oldest historical location, but it’s not the only one. In Rayer Bazar, one of the most significant and tragic events that occurred during the birth of our nation, many of the most brilliant intellectuals were martyred.

The Martyred Intellectuals Monument (Badhya Bhumi Smriti Soudha) presently stands at the scene of that heinous incident in commemoration. Another significant historical site is the Geneva Camp, which is a survivor of our freedom struggle. Muslims who speak Urdu, often known as “Biharis,” have been residing there since the end of the war in 1971.

Dhanmondi Lake

The Mohammadpur region is bordered to the north and south by Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Shyamoli, and Adabor, and to the east by Sher-E-Bangla Nagar. There are hundreds of offices and economic hubs in each of these central Dhaka locales, along with the National Assembly. The neighborhoods of Mirpur and Farmgate are also close by and easily accessible in approximately 30 minutes. Also, Mohammadpur inhabitants may swiftly leave Dhaka when needed and travel to Old Dhaka thanks to the Sadarghat-Gabtoli bypass road.



The restaurant scene here is adorned with “Mostakim’r Chaap,” “Boba’r Biriyani,” and numerous more kebab and biriyani joints. Every day, hundreds of people come to these locations from all around the city. The Bihari Camp contains many of these well-known locations. Nonetheless, this zone is home to many other fantastic restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines, from international to oriental to traditional kebabs. Because the cuisine of Mohammadpur is so diverse and reasonably priced, the restaurant sector there is growing. As a result, new businesses are constantly opening up nearby.

Tokyo Square Shopping Mall

The Tokyo Square retail mall serves as the focal point for all significant shopping requirements, despite the fact that there aren’t many large-scale shopping locations in the Mohammadpur region. For Mohammadpur’s brand stores and shoppers, it is the jewel in the crown. This huge, cutting-edge mall provides everything you could possibly need, so you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood to make a purchase. The Mohammadpur Krishi Market is a favorite for supplies and groceries. The market offers a variety of meats and fresh products throughout the day. Yet Mohammadpur’s selection of shops and outlets is unmatched when it comes to small-scale shopping.

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