10 Must try restaurants in dhanmondi

In this article we will discuss about the Top 10 Must Try Restaurants In Dhanmondi. We know you are looking to decide where to go for lunch or dinner. This article will help you. We will be giving you a list of beautiful restaurants in dhanmondi and also with delicious and yummy food!

Here are the Must Try Restaurants In Dhanmondi List given below:

1. Izakaya

izakaya dhanmondi restaurant

A type of Japanese pub known as a “izakaya” serves a variety of small, frequently affordable entrees and snacks. Japanese tapas are frequently used to describe it in order to celebrate and demonstrate the art of fusion cuisine. The idea was developed to investigate various cuisine pairings and fusions that featured ingredients and street food from Japan as well as variations from other food cultures. Izakaya was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of the Dekko Isho Group, a conglomerate based in Bangladesh.


Grilled Burger – Restaurant in Dhanmondi

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty hamburger? In Dhanmondi, there are plenty of locations to get a burger right now. This is one of the restaurants in dhanmondi 27, where the question arises of which restaurant serves the finest hamburger in town. This Restaurant can be said one of the best restaurants in dhanmondi for couples. Why? Because the outdoor and indoor vibe of this restaurant would make the couples feel good. Just visit one time!

This entrant, which began as a single cart during the great cart-food mania a few years ago, has built up enough credibility and strength to open a stand-alone store! Of course, we’re referring to Grilled, which is located close to the lake area on Dhanmondi 27. The top restaurants in Dhanmondi all share the same trait: they don’t skimp on quality. Grilled is your ticket to burger heaven if you enjoy real burgers that rely on the luscious nature of the patty itself.


Where do you go when you need to leave the city? What happens if you want to go out on a romantic date? Or perhaps all you want is a quiet lunch by yourself? We discovered a restaurant that is conveniently located for everyone but that far too many have overlooked.

Pinewood, a restaurant in Dhanmondi that is situated on Road 12, is unquestionably one of the greatest in the city due to its exquisite beauty and excellent cuisine. From grilled chicken salads, which are one of our favorites, to T-bone steaks and Thai curry entrees, the menu has something for every crowd. The flavor of each plate adds to the diversity of dishes that are offered.


Some of the restaurants in Dhanmondi have a classic feel to them. One such location is Lailaty on Dhanmondi Road, 3/A. It has existed for what feels like ages and has delightfully changed. About 15 years ago, well after the location had been established, we received our first taste of it.

Lailaty stands out in a place like Dhanmondi where grilled and barbecued dishes are popular. Their most popular item is the seekh kebab, both literally and figuratively speaking. Moreover, their chowmein is surprisingly good.


We can’t say no to Biryani or Polao. For some reason, these foods have taken a big spot in our mind and heart. Or any of the rice dishes from around here that people are always hankering after. So, a restaurant specializing in these foods and the sides that so crucially complement them had to be on the list. The decision for the top eateries in Dhanmondi was not at all simple. Yet, we had a strong inclination to follow Korai Gost.

This restaurant generated a lot of buzz when it originally opened. One of the best sellers was the Hyderabadi biryani. It appeared like nearly anything was turning into a best seller. Then Dhanmondi experienced a restaurant opening explosion. People began learning about new locations and tastes.

6. Cilantro

One of Dhanmondi’s well-known eateries, Cilantro, may give you a great experience. They employ skilled cooks with international exposure.

You can get a variety of foods created here using local, fresh ingredients. Every day from 12 p.m. until 11 p.m., it is open. Also, on Fridays, the restaurant opens at 3.15 pm.

7. Café Soi3 (Rooftop Soi3)

Cafe Rooftop Soi3

Café Soi3 is well known for both regional and international cuisine. There, you must find your favorite foods. Here, you can get curries, pasta, seafood, meat dishes, and other common foods. You must make a selection from their extensive menu. The rest will be handled by them. From 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., every day, the restaurant is open.

8. Xinxian Restaurant

The main draws of Xinxian Restaurant are its Thai and Chinese food. It is highly advised that you visit this restaurant if you wish to enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine in Dhaka. Since 2003, this one has maintained a solid reputation. If you require foods in Bangla, don’t worry. They also offer cuisine in Bangla.

9. Chillox Dhanmondi

Chillox Dhanmondi

Another noteworthy eating place in Dhanmondi is Chillox. You will undoubtedly have a great time at the restaurant. They serve incredibly great meals. These will be affordable for you to purchase. Whether you enjoy eating patties, beef burgers, or something else is irrelevant. I’m hoping you’ll receive them all. They start at 10 am and stay open till 10 pm.

10. Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe Dhanmondi (Bangladesh)

Have a balanced meal with one of Secret Recipe’s rice bowls, where each spoonful is a taste burst of decadent ingredients! Their price range is moderately high. Secret Recipe is located in Dhanmondi 11/A. They open from 8 AM (morning) to 12 AM (Mid-Night)

Secret Recipe is one the best restaurants in dhanmondi for dinner, because of their menu and service. We have been going there for many years now, with delicious food and ambience, it is always lovely to be there.

We will be discussing about Dhanmondi Rooftop Restaurant List in another post.

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