Director of Marketing

Ms. Fardia Fahasin Hafsa, Director of Marketing, Dream World Group

Our Director is a young individual who loves Business and Entrepreneurship. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration from ULAB, Dhaka.

She completed her A-levels and O-levels from Private School. Before that, she went to Green Gems International School in Dhanmondi.

Our Director is also passionate about Lifestyle and Fashion. She is involved in

  1. Dream World Properties.
  2. Dream World Park (Pvt) Ltd.
  3. Dainik Bhashwakar, an Online and Physical Newspaper in Bangladesh. Link:
  4. Dream School, an E-Learning Company. Link:

She has around 2 Years of Experience and learning. She likes to manage and collect resources. She is an extremely resourceful person. She knows how to solve problems. She is a practicing Muslimah. She also likes music. She was a fan of Bollywood from childhood. She likes to help people. She encourages and inspires other women in our community.

Her Facebook Link:

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