Best Dhanmondi Area Guide

Best Dhanmondi area guide


As soon as someone starts to discover the Best Dhanmondi Area Guide, the mysteries that lie behind every corner in the neighbourhood, the charm of Dhanmondi starts to seep into their heart and consciousness. The formerly tranquil neighborhood today represents the energy of Dhaka, the city, having evolved into its core. Excellent schools, delectable dining options, cutting edge medical care, tranquil scenery, chic residences, and a bustling commercial district are all conveniently located in this neighborhood. Dhanmondi serves as a vital link between the more modern and older parts of Dhaka and is rich in historical significance for the city’s residents. Dhanmondi is now regarded as one of the nation’s most valued and comprehensive zones.

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The Pakistani government constructed the Dhanmondi region as a residential suburb in the 1950s to provide the elite and upper-middle class with a roomy and comfortable lifestyle. A comfortable and convenient existence is now more possible than ever, even if the neighborhood has changed over the past few decades to become more of a residential-commercial hybrid zone. There are countless houses in the area’s inner roadways that are superior to the previous ones. Additionally, Dhanmondi apartments have a mysterious appeal and beauty that is unmatched in the city, especially those near the well-known Dhanmondi Lake. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the Dhanmondi neighbourhood has all the amenities a person may require, including superstores and shopping centres.


Since the year 2000, Dhanmondi has flourished into one of Dhaka’s most important business districts. The majority of the area’s commercial properties, corporate headquarters, NBFIs, and large banks are concentrated around Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmondi’s main thoroughfare. A significant number of restaurateurs in Dhaka view setting up shop in Dhanmondi as the ultimate achievement and are always competing to leave their mark on the local restaurant scene. Dhanmondi is renowned for its profusion of communal venues for occasions like weddings. Dhanmondi’s real estate dualism has raised and maintained the region at the top of the food chain without showing any signs of declining.


The fact that Dhanmondi is practically a self-sufficient area with all amenities just a short distance away is maybe its best feature. There is no “almost” about it—all of the area’s key locations are easily and swiftly accessible by vehicle, thanks to the thousands of rickshaws that are always in motion. In addition, a plethora of public buses connect Dhanmondi to Lalmatia, Mohammadpur, the New Market area, Agargaon, Shyamoli, Mirpur, and Kallyanpur – all of which are accessible via the Sat Masjid and Mirpur Road.

Additionally, the Shahbag road indirectly connects the region to Gulistan, Malibagh, Kakrail, and Motijheel via public transportation, creating a mass network of connectedness that is nearly unrivaled by most other areas of Dhaka.

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Dhanmondi is arguably the area in Dhaka with the greatest concentration of educational institutions; practically all of them offer excellent, high-quality instruction at all educational levels. Prestigious schools like Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College, Sunnydale, Scholastica, Government Laboratory High School (the oldest school in Dhanmondi still in operation), City College, and others are prepared to make sure your children have the best education possible, while universities like Stamford University and University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) assist in offering opportunities for higher education. A number of medical schools, including the Bangladesh Medical College, are situated in Dhanmondi. Additionally, the renowned and illustrious Abahani Sporting Club, the nation’s top sports team, is situated nearby.

The abundance of language schools in Dhanmondi, including the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and the Alliance Française de Dhaka, is another special feature. If desired, students can study a third or fourth language there.


People travel from all over the country to Dhanmondi to obtain the necessary healthcare services because of the area’s exceptional medical facilities and services. In Dhanmondi, there are more than thirty private dentistry clinics that relieve dental-related stress. Additionally, there are other general and specialty hospitals in the area, including Bangladesh Medical College, Medinova, Labaid Specialized Hospital, and Ibn Sina Hospital. Dhanmondi 27 is home to the main branch of Bangladesh Eye Hospital, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious private ophthalmologic facility. Situated close to Dhanmondi Club Field is the Anwar Khan Modern Cancer Hospital, one of Dhaka’s top cancer hospitals.


While medical facilities can aid in the treatment of ailments, frequent time spent in the splendor of nature can help prevent many illnesses entirely. Dhanmondi Lake is a spectacular, majestic, and lovely resource for the people of Dhanmondi. This lake and the park around it are the ideal locations to fully appreciate the wonders of nature. People of all ages can unwind with their loved ones against the ideal backdrop of lush vegetation and a picturesque lake. And if they’re lucky, they might be able to witness a play or other event in the well-liked Rabindra Sarobor, where happiness seems to blossom every single day.


Even though the Mughals’ dominion over Dhaka came to an end a few hundred years ago, this magnificent city still has a few instances of Mughal architecture, one of which is the Dhanmondi Shahi Eidgah, which is located at Dhanmondi 6/A. This Eidgah, also called the Mughal Eidgah, was built in 1640 and has been in use ever since. The Masjid-Ut-Taqwa is a fantastic example of modern architecture combining with a religious element in addition to historical architecture. The masjid is visually stunning and provides a wonderful space for religious people to pray.


Dhanmondi is remarkably connected to several significant areas, even if it cannot be considered a central hub inside Dhaka. The areas of Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, and Kallyanpur are to its north; Gabtoli lies to the north of it. Dhanmondi’s east and north-east are home to Mirpur, Farmgate, Panthapath, and Mohakhali, while the west and south-west are home to the older parts of Dhaka, including Hazaribag, Nawabganj, Azimpur, and the Dhaka University region.

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Often referred to as Dhaka’s gastronomic paradise, Dhanmondi is home to a diverse range of Bangladeshi restaurants serving anything from unique delicacies like calamari to regional specialties like mezban. Dhanmondi was the starting point of Dhaka’s initial restaurant boom, which has never stopped. Numerous eateries can be found all along Satmasjid Road and 27 No. Road. And there are lots of street food options in the Dhanmondi Lake region if you want to eat while admiring the scenery.

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Although Dhanmondi is a fantastic region for business and commerce in Dhaka, there aren’t many reputable hotels in the neighborhood. For foreigners, there are other short-term housing options, including guest homes, which are secure, comfortable, and sufficient. For individuals seeking comfortable lodging without breaking the bank, these locations may be ideal.


Dhanomondi’s boundaries include some fantastic shopping areas, including Metro Shopping Mall, Rapa Plaza, A.R. Plaza, Shimanto Square, and Shimanto Sombhar. These locations, which provide unique selections from both domestic and international brands, have grown to be city residents’ favorites. The newest movies can also be seen in the Star Cineplex branch, which is housed in the Shimanto Sombhar building. Additionally, boat rides are available on Dhanmondi Lake for people who want to unwind for the afternoon.

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