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People of Dhaka often do not have the time to go outside the city for a picnic with their family and friends. Here is a list of Top 4 Picnic Spot in Dhaka for you. So where does one go to have a picnic with their family over the weekend?

While it’s true that there is a scarcity of places for such activities in the metropolis, you can find a whole host of picnic spots just on the outskirts of Dhaka which can facilitate you with all sorts of arrangements and resources necessary for spending the day in grandiose.

Having that said, here are the top 4 picnic spots near Dhaka for you to have a picnic with your family and friends.

1. ZINDA PARK Picnic Spot in Dhaka

Zinda Park-Picnic Spot in Dhaka
Zinda Park

This recently established settlement has seen a sharp rise in popularity among the people living in Dhaka as well as for people living outside the city. The main reason why Zinda Park is so popular is because of the infrastructure and the settings inside the park. Boat ride, library, artificially made arch-tunnel and culverts, lotus ponds, you name it; there is no shortage of interesting things to enjoy in the park which makes it an ideal place to visit with your friends and family or to have a picnic with your family.

Getting there is not so hectic either. You can reach there in your own transportation or you can use public transport. To do so, you have to get to Kuril Highway near Nukunja and take a BRTC bus to Kanchan bridge from where you can then take an auto-rickshaw or tempu to Zinda Park.

Now about the fees and expenses: the entry fee to enter the park is set at BDT 100 per person. But if you are going there in a group, say 100 people, then you will have to rent a spot inside the park starting from BDT 30,000 (but can be reduced if you are good at bargaining).

And for events such as a wedding or other events for 250 people, the price will start from BDT 1.5 lac, and for 500 people it will start from BDT 2.5 lac. But again, this will depend on your bargaining skills. Other than that, you can take your own food if you want but you will have to pay an extra charge. There is a library with a modern architectural design. You have to pay BDT 20 for accessing it.


Apon Bhubon Picnic & Shooting Spot
Credit: Apon Bhubon Picnic & Shooting Spot

Located by the Tongi-Kaliganj Highway, this Apon Bhubon is a settlement with every facility to cater to your picnic needs. This place is meticulously planned and well organized for people to have the ultimate experience. A couple of dramas and movies have also been shot in this place. From the artificially made shrine to its bamboo cottages, this place has enough eye-catching structures to keep you in a refreshed mood. Also, the area inside the picnic spot is huge and there is no shortage of spots inside the park for taking photos.

This place can be accessed through either Tongi or Purbachal Highway. And as always, you can take your personal transportation or you can take public transports. If you are taking public transport then just get off at Pubail College Gate Bus Stop. You will find plenty of transportation options to reach Apon Bhubon Picnic & Shooting Spot.

The entry fee for this will vary since people usually book this place for big events, family outings may cost you a little extra. But you also have the space for bargaining. However, you have to bring the necessary documents (e.g. marriage certificate, national identity card, passport, etc.) with you to get permission to enter. In addition, you have to bring your own food if you plan on eating there.


Nahar Garden
Credit: Nahar Garden Picnic Spot

From lush greenery to a place to experience the unblemished beauty of nature, Nahar Garden can offer so much. This place even features a zoo to keep guests entertained. Although compact, the zoo packs a fair number of animals from monkey and deer to peacock and ostrich. This place is neatly organized just like a garden should be. Besides, there is a pond inside the garden where you can take a boat ride with your family. All in all, Nahar Garden is perfect for a family outing. 

The way to reach Nahar Garden is fairly simple. The entire settlement is located by the Saturia Road in Manikganj, just outside Dhaka city. Hop on to a bus, or any public transport for that matter, and get off at Golora Bus Station on Dhaka-Aricha Highway. You will find plenty of transportation in the form of auto-rickshaws and tempus to reach Nahar Garden.

Per person entry fee is only BDT 50 and you don’t need to spend extra for anything else. However, there will be no food facilities if you are less than 50 people in total in which case you will have to take food from outside in order to have a meal there. This will also cause you to pay extra during entry. If you are more than 50 people, the Nahar Garden authority will offer you different packages which will include food.


Dream World Park is a new park in Dhaka. Enriched with many Rides and Facilities for the people of Dhaka. It’s located in Jhaochor, Near Hazaribagh Beri Badh. Just 15 mins from Dhanmondi, Satmasjid Road. There are more than 20 Activities for families and children. There are also quality food available including other modern amusement rides.

Entry ticket is TK 50 and most of the rides are around TK 50 – TK 100. There is a Food Court with multiple renouned food brands, A Mosque and a Scary House that will entertain you and your family to the fullest. Check out their site here.

We hope you enjoy the article and will visit these places.

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