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Buying an apartment is a daunting task. Quite often buyers face guilt and ask themselves whether the investment was truly worth it. If you are having second thoughts on your decision, it is best to check every nook and corner so that you can back out when your expectations have not been met. While you can ask professionals to perform a more thorough inspection, it does not hurt to pick up a few inspection tricks yourself. Here are a few things you should check properly before sealing the deal with an apartment seller.

1. Check The Building Condition

Whether you are buying a new apartment or a used one, the condition of the building might give you a clear idea of the conditions of the apartment as well. Signs of wear and tear will give you a clue of how long the apartment will appear fresh. Remember that even if the design is good, the construction quality may not be top-notch, and you might find cracks, defects, or stains within the premises. If you know any construction and engineering experts, let them help you in your personal home inspection venture.


2. Look For Stains, Moulds, And Corrosions

Usually, around the bathrooms and kitchen, the walls can become damp. This could allow moisture to penetrate and may even lead to water leaks. This is not necessarily a structural defect, but it requires quick repair. It could be expensive to fix, depending on the amount of damage done. It is possible that the dampened walls carry moulds, unhealthy stains, and corrosions. If you see any such issues, you should notify the seller to fix it right away. Moulds can cause allergies and serious respiratory issues. Sometimes you might see unevenness and defects in the ceiling sheets, looking like ‘parachutes’. This phenomenon is called sagging, which is also a serious problem and needs to be fixed immediately.

3. Do Not Miss The Cabinets

If the seller has done interior works and cabinets all over the prospective apartment, it is best to take a look at every single one of them. When opening a cabinet, if you get the smell of mildew or moulds there is a good chance of water leaks there. Cabinets made of partex boards, plywood, and some kinds of wood may be home to wood termites. If termites fester inside there could be small cracks visible and you might hear creaking sounds. If you notice anything of this sort, notify the seller immediately.

4. Observe Fine and Large Cracks

Checking the internal and external walls for cracks is absolutely crucial. If there is any crack larger than 2.0mm, it has to be tended to by professionals. You can even deduce the condition of internal wall plastering. Just check for fine hairline cracks on the walls. They appear like maps and can crack loose after a certain amount of time, especially if you want to mount or pin something on that part of the wall. Such cracks indicate that the plastering was applied incorrectly.

5. Discuss Safety And Security

Before buying an apartment, you should also think about the security and safety of the premises. Does the building have sufficient CCTV monitoring and expert well-behaved security professionals? Are there automated home features installed, such as motion sensors, smart door locks, gas leakage detectors, etc? Do you think the building has adequate fire safety precautions? Discussing these issues with the seller will give you a better opinion before buying the apartment. If you have already closed the deal with the seller, it is not too late!

When buying an apartment, make a checklist based on these points so that your personal home inspection plan goes smoothly. Our primary goal is to ensure that homeownership is a joyful experience for all customers. With our reputation of on-time handover, we have won the hearts of our customers with our service, as well as design and construction quality. We only deliver the best! If you want to enjoy some peace of mind, choose Dream World Properties.

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