5 Ideas to Decorate Our Balconies


Dhaka is an Urban City with a lot of people. Every day our Space is decreasing as more and more people are flocking to our beloved Capital in search of Jobs and livelihood. Our Balconies have become a part of our home, where it is a must for us to spend some time with our Partners or by ourselves. In this article, we will tell you about how you can decorate your balconies.

Depending on the size of your Balcony, you can get either of them, But plants are a must to get a feel of green around you. It will help your mind, body and soul.

  1. Cafe Table and Lawn Chairs

Light, foldable, and bright-colored furniture will add more beauty and sophistication to your outdoor space on the balcony. A cafe table with lawn chairs will make your evening tea even more special, coupled with a beautiful view of the city. Morning coffees on the balcony will surely make you feel extra rejuvenated. If you need the space for additional reasons, simply fold them up and store them somewhere temporarily and then place them back for tea or coffee time! You can even use built-in seating, which will prevent the wind from knocking any furniture down. A rocking chair can also be relaxing if you position it right depending on the size of the balcony since it takes up a lot of space.

2. Planters and Climbers

A balcony is incomplete without a lush display of greenery! Choose whatever plant you like, but our suggestion would be to make things more creative. Use flowering plants of various colors or leafy big plants which will add to the elegance of the balcony. You can grow herbs for amazing smells, and climber plants that will hang from the balcony and add extra beauty to the overall look!

3. Floor Decoration

If you are not too keen on furniture in the balcony, simply decorate the floor with stylish rugs and pillows with bohemian prints. You could use runners too. Bring pillows of various sizes and match colors accordingly. If not furniture, you can place tatami mats or get some inspiration from Arab floor designs to make it a more cozy place for recreation. You can use fake grass carpets as well to make your balcony floor appear more in sync with the plants.

4. Art and Decor For Walls 

Why should the walls be spared? In fact, the walls can be where you set your artistic mind free. Use weather-resistant art on the walls or use hanging plants. Place mirrors and various souvenirs if possible. Using a combination of these items will be difficult, but with enough perseverance in the project you can design a cute balcony wall for sure. You can use fairy lights, small lamps, outdoor lanterns, string lights, and other kinds of colored lighting for a stunning night experience. You can even use walls of both sides to create a hammock.

5. Get a Cute Swing

In Dhaka, you will often see balconies having swings. The kind of swing you install depends a lot on the size of the balcony and the preferences of your family. If there are many people at home, it would be wise to install a 2 or 3-seater swing especially if the balcony is huge. If you have kids at home, the swing could be more child-friendly. There are plenty of cozy and modern styles of swings available, but some might need to be hung from the ceiling. Choose whichever feels appropriate for your balcony.

When decorating the balcony, you should take the surrounding view into consideration, and how much light and shade your balcony receives. If your balcony enjoys a vast amount of sunshine, it would be more plant-friendly. Position the plants according. If you require more shade, you can place larger, more lush plants or strategically place the furniture. A temporary covering structure can be used as well, such as pretty curtains, which will further add to the privacy. These are just some tips, but remember that you are the artist. Use your ideas to make your balcony a dreamy outdoor space!

Let us know in the comments below what you are going to do with your Balcony!

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